Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 Month Visit

Had our 6 month visit today and did a quick ultrasound to make sure we could see all 4 chambers of the heart and all was well since they did not see that last time. Susan came with me, which was really nice, since she seems to be the only one that remembers in detail some facts about vaginal childbirth that I need to know since I will be the only one of our friends that goes through this as a planned natural delivery. Should be fun! I am well also with sugars looking fine as of now and weight and blood pressure staying around the same. Some swelling but nothing major and just enjoying the ease of this month and hoping it continues into month 7. We don't go back till Oct. 8th and then it is every two weeks after that. So except for the sleeping I feel pretty good. And Adam is not sleeping either cuz of me so he is winning husband of the year award for not only being Mr. Wonderful and fantastic to me and our every need but for doing it all with never complaining and no sleep. P.s. Susan said she noticed the babies head was measuring normal for our due date so that means he does not have Adam's head size. Whew!!!

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