Thursday, November 20, 2008

4 - 6 weeks

We only have 4 to 6 weeks right now left till we see baby H. We had our 35 week visit yesterday which went great. He is measuring about 6lbs 1oz. today and healthy and looking good. He has a 53% normal weight and size which tells me he does not have Adam's big head which is what is what I have been mainly worried about. Just Kidding Sweetie!

We had our car seats installed yesterday at the hospital (great service and training they gave us) and we have our birthing class this weekend all day saturday which should be fun as well. We feel ready to go and are just so excited to see him. We hope all of you are well and understand as we are being recluses over the next few months. We miss seeing our friends, football games, and visiting Richmond, Blacksburg, Colorado, and Pearisburg but we will get there soon I swear. Might be the spring but please know you are welcome to come down anytime after the new year to hang out and come see us as well.

We will keep posting as things progress but not too detailed...

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