Monday, December 15, 2008

6 days left????

We had our appt this afternoon and not only are we not dilated at all and still only 50% effaced but we went ahead and set up another appt for the 23rd. If you had told me I would be seeing the doctors and have no Baby H till the 23rd I would not believe it from the way I have been feeling.

Baby H is obviously very happy and comfortable so we will just wait and see what happens this week. We will either call the doctors saying something is happening or we will see them on the 23rd when they do another ultrasound and see why he is so comfy in there and then we plan for him to be evicted. I have gotten so big that I think best buy delivered him a flat screen and domino's is bringing him chicken wings. Adam would say though that although he is very happy...mommy is a little irritable.

So here we sit and not planning on doing anything to help him along till we are past the 23rd as if he is happy then I am happy. So for work guys picked some great dates for the baby pool. For friends and family...once again I am learning patience. I hope it is a quick lesson. Ha! no pun intended.

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  1. Hang in there girl! Not too much longer. Can't wait to meet Baby H! Let us know if you need some company. Finn and I are free Thursday and Friday and are willing to take requests!