Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 months old!

Big week for Hudson...2 month immunizations and a clean bill of health. Weighs in at 10lbs 9oz and 22 inches long in the 25th percentile. Here are some pictures of his first bandaid and nana ellen was here to help us out and did so much. THANKS NANA! Hudson learned how to use his first rattle, push himself up, hang out with daddy in bed (who is a great patient and doing very well) and Hudson just smiles and smiles. Loves the raspberries. Also he is very gasy so we have new formula, new bottles, which helped us (whatever works) and he is much better not to mention he slept through the night three nights in a row. He is the smartest cutest baby ever but I am biased. Hope everyone is well. We are getting along pretty well and have had some great help. Adam goes to the Dr. tuesday to find out any news and other than that it is Hudson fun time every day.


  1. Man is he ever growing! Lovce seeing him in Sev's Old Navy suit...oh I miss those little man days.
    Great job on the sleeping - and do what works! I know those bottles were expensive, but if the new ones work - worth every penny.
    You guys take care - we hope to see you soon.