Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three Months and such a cutie pie!

Hudson turned three months this week and has hit all his milestones with adding much smiling and kicking and almost rolling over. He is laughing and pulling up and eating plenty. He is sleeping alot at night (not so much during the day) and I think we have gas under control as long as we keep the mylicon near. We are doing more walks and outings and he is starting a new daycare this week that he seems to enjoy since the last one was not a great fit in the end. He is happy and really coming into his funny and laid back personality. Just like his daddy. Here are a few pics with him enjoying his bebe pod for the first time...hanging with daddy...his maw maw and him laughing...his favorite night time toy of his glo seahorse that plays music to help him sleep...hi new monster bath towel which he loves and keeps him warmer...and others. I also included a cute video of him playing with his bebe pod. Just click on the link where the video is at.

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