Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 months and so darn cute

lots of cute pictures of Hudson outside with mommy and you can't deny he looks like daddy when you see them together. We are doing well and enjoying our time together. Summer is here and Hudson is flipping over and eating big boy food (pureed of course). We are excited for upcoming trips to the beach, Virgina, Florida, Colorado, his baptism on July 5th in Colorado and with Nana and Pop-Pop, his first flight coming up to see his great grandmother Dale in Florida.

Also after a day at school which involved some spit up and prunes he came home in an outfit only the Sharps and duck lovers could appreciate of Camo and duck pants. It was the funniest outfit ever.


  1. yes, love the outfit!

  2. "he got beautiful eyes".....
    "it used to wear baby socks".....

    love, ryane