Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 months already

Hudson is 6 months old today and such a good boy. We go for our 6 month check up on friday but he is about 18 lbs and probably around 22-24 inches

He is wearing 9 month clothes in some and 12 in others and he just laughs with us or at us all day. He is sleeping till 7 am every morning and the cough has finally subsided some that kept waking him up.

We are so happy he is 6 months but already i get sad when I think he is growing so fast. He grabs my lips now and says mamamamama when he really wants something from me and he loves the outdoors so we spend a lot of time walking and being on the porch and looking at nature.
Adam and I feel we have this perfect little boy who is so much fun to be around every day and alot of times we just watch him sleep and also wait for him to wake up. Nothing more weird than waking up and seeing your parents staring at you but he greets us every morning with a huge smile (his daddy's) and a bright bunch of new red hair coming in.
Cake tonight....for mom mainly...but Happy 6 months baby!

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