Monday, October 19, 2009

So many Pictures and So Little Time

9 months, our 6 year anniversary, 10 months, it has flown by. we had our first HOKIE tailgait with Brian and Katie, am eating big boy food and using our walker to run around the house, have some cute pics hanging in my crib and with my parents, bark at the dogs out the french doors and lots of other fun stuff.

Hudson is beyond crawling he is cruising and scooting and climbing on everything. He is talking hi's and bye's and mom's and dada. He says dog and waves and I can't believe how smart and awesome he is. More and more everyday I am so impressed with him. He also has learned a few new things which still our impressive but not as sweet. We throw tantrums and scream and hate to sit still for a diaper change but it all makes me laugh as even while screaming he is still cute. i am sure he does not appreciate that we are giggling at him screaming but it is soooo cute!!!

Adam and I are great and had a lovely Hokie weekend with out friends and we are enjoying winter coming and cannot believe we are coming up on a year soon since our parenthood came upon us. We are loving the house and have our schedule and lives pretty well back in the groove and i have to say I love the predictability's of the days again.

We are looking forward to hunkering down for a lovely winter and season coming up with fun and Hudson everyday.

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