Monday, June 16, 2008


well big daddy and I had a great father's day gift today by being able to see baby Harskins on the movie screen. Everything is going very well and besides mommy being very tired and controlling the morning sickness with every cracker in town I have no complaints. Adam may feel differently as he has been my butler from the time I go to bed at eight o'clock till the time I wake up. He has been wonderful. Today when they were pushing around against the baby with the ultrasound machine to get the best view the cutest thing was the baby pushing back and kicking against the machine pushing. He or she is only 2 1/2 inches long but already you can see fingers and legs (the bright long area towards the bottom) a spine of course and adam's rather large head! Kidding.

No more photos till 2 months more but we will keep you posted on fun things on our schedule. Trying to stay close to home for a few weeks since I have not been feeling well and the new job is taxing me pretty hard on learning a dead latin language like linux computer OEM & ISV. I know it is not dead but it sure does feel like it.

Toodles and right now the plans are to come up in august but you all are always welcome to come down!


  1. Congrats on passing the first trimester! Finn is hoping for a little boy to play with, but I wouldn't mind a girl so I could live vicariously through you on that front. Hope that you guys are doing well and that we can link up soon!

  2. Yeah - only two more trimesters to go!