Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend at Home 4 month update

So I went home without Adam (he had to work) to see family and see my friends. Only got to spend a few moments with them but it was none the less great to see them all. And all were having a very good time as well. Came home in a torrential downpour on Sunday and then woke up Monday for a new week at work which I am enjoying. Monday afternoon we had an update appt and some bloodwork results reviewed for our 4 month check up. 4 months sure has gone by quick. We heard babies heartbeat which is running right at 154 everytime we hear it. No pics this time but we will find out the sex on August 13th. All tests for baby and mommy came back great and I have only gained 4 lbs in 4 months so I happy about that. If I can keep things stable then we might have a chance of not ballooning up too big and then having to lose what I had before and what I gained with baby after delivery day is over. Blood Pressure was 112/75 and very low which was great. I am starting to feel less nauseous and less tired and sleep through the night more. The biggest problem I have is finding clothes to wear every morning as I have no pants that fit and only 1 skirt and 1 dress. Time for maternity shopping. I am trying to do better about blogging as well to just say hello's and hi's. Rikki and my dad's bday is this week so happy bday to them and I was sorry I missed Leslie and Lainy when we were home and Rae and Ryane but I will see everyone in August at the big bash. Thanks Erik for a spin on the dance floor and for all my girlies....peace out..and word to the mother. (inside joke)


  1. I am happy to go maternity shopping with you if you like! Let me know!