Monday, July 21, 2008

Adams lifting adventure, USAPL Mid Atlantic open 08

So the meet has come and gone, gotta say I am pleased with how i did. Set prs in squat and bench, and my trusty friend the deadlift posed the most technical issues which is kinda funny since it is the least complicated lift. The judging was very tight this week so the fact that i got all my squats in and broke the 500 lb mark in a meet is huge to me. Bench was easy at 385 after feeling like trash in the warm ups. Also was a bit concerned about my shoulders, as they felt as if they were going to fall off my body after squating. Def had more in the tank for the squat and the bench so that is a positive. However, i got my opener for the dead passed (465) with no probs and was red lighted on my second attempt (505) twice...for reasons that i am still not so sure about. Possibily for not locking shoulders? This is the only negative to this meet, I felt good and strong off the deck and had another pr to set but alas, today was not the day. Still finished 2nd in a class of four, the first place winner had a 1700 total so i was not going to catch him today...but very pleased for the most part. Sr had a good meet, having some technical difficultys on bench and squat but going 3 for 3 pulling. Any meet is a good meet, this one was no different. For the most part i am pleased with my performance, but not satisfied with how i did. Guess that is a good part to working at a gym, back to the lab agian.