Monday, October 20, 2008

Braxton Hicks, Baby Showers, Cravings...oh my

So this weekend really started some Braxton Hicks practice contractions and the most fun was when I decided to take the dogs on a long walk and was not sure if I was going to make it home as they did not feel very practice like. So after the slowest walking in the neighborhood, where even an unmanned stroller passed me, we made it home and put our feet up and things were all better. I kind of enjoyed these little practice contractions as I know what it is going to feel like (somewhat). For those of you who know what to expect much more don't tell me as I am liking living in denial about any pain for the next two months. Also we have our baby shower at home this weekend which should be lots of fun. A hokie game, maybe pumpkins, a bday, a baby shower, seeing Lainey, Rae, Ryane, Seven, and Ayla I hear. And my latest cravings are still chicken wings with ranch, celery, and french onion dip. Not sure what this is about but maybe some sort for my pregnant body trying to salvage the diet of my youth from when the commune all lived together and that is all we ate.

It was a beautiful fall weekend as well here where we painted pumpkins with our friends Victoria, Tim, Karl, and Stephanie....and where Caroline (Karl and Vic's 2 year old) was the cutest thing ever. She loved the pumpkins being painted and it really brought a tear to my eye to see her playing in the babies room with Baby H's toys knowing this would be how it was one day soon. She approved of our toy choices and made me feel like we really do have a great home for kids. Yes, I said kids plural....For some reason while being pregnant I think i could do this 2 or 3 more times. We will see how that sounds after I deliver.

In the mean time, it is going to be a busy month with this weekends baby shower, my favorite holiday of Halloween, pre-christmas shopping to get it done early (as christmas is secondary this year) another baby shower from our Raleigh gang, trying to still work as normal as possible, and appts every two weeks as well as interviewing pediatricians, nannies, day cares, and everything else that is on the list. I will post pumpking pictures soon and of course baby shower pictures as well.

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