Monday, October 6, 2008

PreView of Rex Hospital

Since Tuesday I have had a cold and sinus infection with the worst headaches of my life. I made it to Friday when after sneezing and coughing all day I let out a huge sneeze and something snapped. I thought I had a hernia or I cracked a rib as I could not stand, lay down, cough, take a deep breath, or really do anything but sit at my desk and cry. So we headed to the ER Labor and Delivery unit where they only could tell me I had torn my oblique and to lay down for three days and see if that helps and take advil. However, we did get pre registered for when we go in for real, see the triage and floor we need to go to, and meet alot of the nice nurses and front desk. So all was not wasted and I got to hear little H's heartbeat again and hear he is doing great. The cold is subsiding and the pain in my side will be there for a while even though it is not excruciating anymore. Because of the location of the round ligament that holds your uterus in place (against your frickin oblique) then this is going to be a normal thing and oh well I will just suck it up. The whole point of this rant is after crying for days and being so irritable Adam was there for me and at my beck and call and the greatest best friend and caretaker ever. Thank you honey and I love you so much and if you take care of our son as well as you took care of me he is going to have an awesome dad. But we knew that anyway.

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  1. AMEN! Adam is the bomb!

    Hope you get to feeling better, Mommy! You are in the final stretch and it is a big pain in the ass! We love you! R3+D