Friday, November 14, 2008

Adam's Powerlifting meet.

So the weekend of November 8 was the USAPL North Carolina state power lifting championship, it was my first meet in my new state and was only about 30 minutes from the house (bonus!)
So with this exciting news, hey now (aka. Adams dad) came down for the weekend to lift weights and hang out with us. Now, this was the first meet that my beloved wife had been too, and she was a trooper coming out and hanging out in the manly power lifting meet, but it was great to have her there. Also, a new friend that I work with Brian, came to cheer on the Harman boys!
The meet went well for me and senior, I took first place in my division with new personal bests in squat (518) bench(402) and overall total(1405 lbs) with more to spare. My final dead lift was not passed for some reason, I will post the video so everyone can see and voice there own opinion. Dad took First in his class and second in the open with some big benching after coming back from injury just weeks out from the meet! Good times and good to see that I am still getting stronger, it's nice to know that all this training I do pays off! Also, thanks so much to my beloved wife for her continued support and understanding of my hobbies, and added thanks to Brian for working the camera in Nicole's absence and his help in warm ups.

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