Friday, November 14, 2008

Upcoming events

So we have a few fun events coming up that I thought we would share out to the world.
1. We have an ultrasound coming up Wednesday to see how big he is getting and to just make sure he is all positioned right and ready to go. Also we are going to find out if we are tracking on time and what if any our next steps are. Fun Fun!

2. We have our big child class course on the 22nd and that seems like it could be a fun day, car seats installed, lactation classes, learning how to give proper baths and dress him. We know alot of this but hearing it properly and having a day together to do it before he comes will be fun for Adam and I. Also our Hospital as a few people have asked is Rex Health Care at 4414 Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh, NC and the website is

3. THE BIG NEWS!!! Adam turns 32 this weekend!!! Congrats baby and it will be a fun day of shoe shopping, movies, a nice dinner, and just hanging out together. I love you !

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