Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6 days old!

Hudson is 6 days old today and I can't believe how fast he has learned to eat so well, gain weight, coo, turn in his sleep, raise his head, and clench his fists in angry fits of if rage at 2:00 a.m.

He is the best baby and absolutely the biggest blessing. Adam and I are having so much fun just hanging out with him and being new parents. There are a few scary things that I am happy to tell you in a separate forum ...like when I thought I hurt his nether regions when it was actually just some bloody gauze that came off...how he loves to have his eyebrows played with like I do...how we do morning exercises with him and baby massage and his dad of course is the trainer.

We do love him and I am adding pictures as fast as I can to show off his little milestones.

above is our first ride home from the hospital
and his trip to the Dr. where he cooed all the way there ...P.s. the doctor said he gained .25 oz back from what he lost weighing in at 7.75 and he was in perfect baby health. Eating great, pooping great, and everything was perfect. He also is now 19 3/4 in height as he lost a Little height when his head shrunk back down to normal.

Posting when I can....love to all our friends and family that have done so many nice things for us. If you have not figured it out, since we don't know when we are napping as there is no schedule yet please call the house or my cell and I will see you called (if the number comes up on caller Id or if you leave a message On the cell phone) and I will call you right back when we wake up or otherwise the ringers will be turned off.

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