Friday, December 12, 2008

Projects at Home!

This taking it easy thing is not easy. I rest about every 2 hours and nap and then do some small project like scrapbooking or looking for a baby swing. However, I had a wild hair the other day and started a gingerbread project after lucnch with the girls. So here are the results and now Adam wants to eat it instead of letting it rot through the new year. I don't think I will do this again as it was sticky,messy,and made me sick from licking my fingers. I never said the house was sanitary for everyone else to eat. Ha!

Nothing else much new...Adam took me to see the movie role model, I am definately needing more rest every day and I think a small cough and cold is coming on but other than that things are good. Our next appt is Mondat to find out how much more we have progressed but he definately feels lower.

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