Monday, December 8, 2008

Week 38 update

so it was a fun week with ultrasounds, blood work, small scares, and much needed bedrest. Everything is looking good still for the 21st due date and only 50% effaced and no dilation so he is hanging in there and happy as a clam. I am well and the swelling is getting under control with much rest and just staying in bed. I am also off of work officially today so I can rest up and get ready for Baby H and keep my legs and feet from looking like cankles at the end of tree trunks.

So I plan on ebaying, catching up on friends and family correspondence, enjoying cooking shows and blogging, and maybe making dinner for Adam in the evenings since he has taken such good care of me for so long. It might be salad mix or pancakes but it is dinner.

My prediction right now is he is hanging out till due date or maybe even a little past so the baby pool at work is still very valid. We also found out some great friends are expecting and some other great friends are engaged. Congrats to both and we are so excited for you.

Till tomorrow from the mommy retreat in Raleigh where daytime television is my new friend and the mail coming is the biggest outing of the day.


  1. Finn & I are tied up tomorrow and Wednesday, but could come by for a visit Thursday or Friday morning. Let me know if you are up for some company. Thinking of you guys!

  2. Can't wait....let me know if you need anything and i will do what i can from up here...