Monday, January 19, 2009

32 feels ....

So 32 feels nothing like 31. I am a mom. I had my dad visiting for a wonderful visit to see his new grandson. I had my brother come down to celebrate with us my birthday, I had my husband throw a fabulous bday party, We were surrounded by great friends and fun kids, and then of course there is Hudson. Hudson trumps everything going on in my life as he is our life now. It was amazing to look around and see all these great friends, my family who had traveled so far just for me and Hudson, and of course my husband holding the highlight of turning to 32 which is being a mom to Hudson and being married to Adam.

So 32 is really different but awesome and thank you for everyone who helped us celebrate. A few pics I added are my dad visiting (which was just fun and such a help and an amazing calm fell over Hudson when Dad held him) ...a bath picture which he cake my husband thought of...and the boys hanging out.

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