Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a week and coming up on a month!

I have posted some pics below that I will explain in a bit but this has been a crazy week. We think fussy time has moved to the late afternoon, which could make the evenings nicer, but we will see. Adam and I feel very amazed a month has passed but also that we have survived. We feel elated to have Mr. Hudson here but also exhausted. Both of us just keep tag teaming when we need to as he wears which ever one down and I know God will not give us more then we can handle but it definitely has been a trying week.

Survival Mode is our theme right now with making time for the house and dogs and even getting some time with each other every night over a nice dinner sitting down while he is napping so we have adult and adam and nicole time. We are looking forward to pop-pop or granddad Haskins coming to visit this week and hanging out. I am turning 32 this sunday and I am not sure how that feels yet as I can't believe I am 32 already or I also wonder where the time went. I am not sure I am thinking too clearly right now about anything other than Adam and I and taking care of our son to the best of our ability. What a ride we are on!


daddy napping, mommy napping with his pal Nadia, the quilt our great friends the Ritters made for Hudson that is just gorgeous and sooooo him.

The Walk... Hudson went out for his first walk with mommy today since we need to get some exercise to get this other 50 lbs off. We made it as far as picture 1 when the wailing was too much and we called daddy on the cell phone to bring out a pacifier and an extra blanket. Then we decided to turn and go the opposite direction and see if he liked heading west better. For some reason that did the trick and for an hour he just slept and rode and seemed to enjoy it. Walks daily now is part of our schedule as soon as fussy time starts so I can get a great head start on this weight loss thing. Between jiggling Hudson at all hours and walking I am hoping that helps.

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