Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Friend & Second Dr's Visit

Hudson went and saw his pediatrician for a check up on friday where he had gained 11oz. and grown 1/4 inch. Perfect bill of health and mommy and daddy were assured we are doing everything right and that made us feel much better. We did go tot he bathroom on the nurse and then again on mommy when being changed in the dr's office so thank heavens for baby bags. We also had a few days with our good friends Jon and Susan and their little one Seven who from the pictures was not so sure of Hudson but it was nice to see everyone none the less and I got a outing to target which was nice to get out of the house for a bit. Although we did not get to spend too much time together with me catching up on sleep, the game on, Go HOKIES, and a very angry and fussy Hudson at times do to some gas issues that we are dealing with (maybe with a miracle cure from the dr. and rikki) it was nice to see friends and spend some time with other parents and know we are not crazy. However Adam asked me this morning. Do you feel crazy...Yes I do. I feel at peace, and joyful, yet anxious and unkept, I don't get showers till 11 nor have my perfect clean house and for some reason that seems ok to me. Which is crazy for the old Nicole. I am ok with running laundry 24/7 and eating at weird hours and only about half of what I normally would (which is great for my diet) and although I am still very detail oriented (anal retentive) I have relaxed alot. Adam feels crazy cause he picked alot of that up from me so over time we will both feel more relaxed but now is just a crazy time. Trial and Error with Hudson...learning to prioritize lots of thins after him, and Adam and I taking care of each other. We are laughing more than crying so things are going well in my eyes. I just feel sorry for the dogs who have become second fiddle.

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