Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Weeks

So tomorrow out baby boy will be two weeks old and wow has the time flown. I wish it would slow down a little as it seems to be going too fast. We have learned to burp more, that laundry is our new friend, and that sleep is something that is not continuous anymore but more in shifts. Adam's schedule is working out great for us and we are each getting time to chill, time with each other, time to sleep, and time with Hudson. Here are a few pics of what I call the ever changing body, milk coma (where we eat and then fall asleep immediately), and bath time which are now relaxing and part of our routine for a nice active time late activity to keep us all awake and happy.

Happy New Year Everyone! I know our 2009 will be fun filled and exciting but nothing compares to our 2008...selling a house, changing jobs, buying a house, having Hudson...we would not change any of it as this has been a blast and has not only brought Adam and I closer together but also some of the happiest days of our lives. 2008 ...what a year...2009 will be fun and filled with Hudson adventures. We are ready for the ride of our lives.

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